Viva Farms

VIVA Certified Wine Companies

The table below shows the companies that have completed and certified the analysis related to the company (analysis of organization) according to VIVA technical specifications.

These organizations were certified following the procedure described by VIVA Technical Specification 2.0 and following update 2.1*

VIVA Certified Wine Company Estates Label validity Results
Informatica Ambientale S.r.l ciao 17/12/2021 Informatica Ambientale S.r.l

* VIVA Technical Specification 2.0, in force since September 2016, was updated to VIVA 2.1 version, in force since July 2019. The Technical Specification updating doesn’t request the revision of historic data with the only exception of WATER indicator, whose revision is under responsibility of VIVA Program at the time of renewal. The revision is needed in order to appreciate trend evolution.

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