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In the framework of the activities realized in cooperation with Unione Italiana Vini, the re-search center OPERA will participate to several conferences organized within the pro-gram of the International Conference SIMEI at Fiera Milano (3-6 November, 2015). These initiatives foster the role of Italy as an international key point on the issue of sustainability, and promote the entrepreneurial efforts of Unione Italiana Vini and the Italian Ministry for the Environment.

The conferences program has been built on the base of the results of the initiative developed in 2013 ( and is structured in two sessions: 
1st day: SUSTAINABLE VITICULTURE as a tribute to the high-quality wine. Economic growth, innovation and value of ecological chains.
2nd day: DISCOVERING THE SENSORIAL ANALYSIS - The measure of social and cultural quality of wine, with a peculiar focus on the sensorial analysis.

The objectives of SIMEI 2015
International Congress
First day: to update the “state of the art” of the concept of sustainable development in the wine industry and to guarantee a holistic approach, in order to give to current and future consumers a sustainable wine.
Second day: to underline the importance of sensorial analysis as a scientific discipline, that allows to evaluate wines in an objective way through the senses.


The Congress is carried out as a talk show, allowing a dynamic interaction between participants (pictures 1 and 2)



  Foto 1:Talk Show                                                    Foto 2: Interactive formula



The detailed program can be downloaded here


Participation is free but it is necessary to sign up on the website



Further information on the website



Presentation of the congress “Discover the sensory factors" and "Sustainability as a tribute to wine quality" Prof. Ettore Capri



Why attend the “Simei International Congress 2015”? Dr. Anita Oberholster 



Prof. Ettore Capri
Direttore Centro di ricerca Opera


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